A Little Bit Each Day

This is the video that inspired me to believe that I could actually lose this extra body weight…

One of my friends from high school posted this video on his facebook one day.  It was a seemingly random video that I thought would be about a disabled vet who learned to live with the hand he was dealt.  In a way, that’s exactly what it was about.  But this video literally CHANGED MY LIFE.  I could never wrap my mind around how someone could be 150+ pounds overweight (like me) and lose it on their own – without drugs or surgery or well, some form of self-hate or self-torture involved.

But I watched this video and it finally clicked in my head.  Do a little bit everyday and never, ever give up.  I’ve heard this before.  Leo Bababuta of Zen Habits talks about this all the time.  I subscribe to Oprah’s RSS feed for goodness sake.  This was not NEWS.

But, I watched this video…. and I cried…

I cried because I finally saw what it meant to NOT GIVE UP.  I’ve started and ended more diets than I can remember.  When I messed up, I gave up.  It’s that simple.  I joined Weight Watchers in October 2012 and actually gained 20 pounds (not because of the program.  It’s because when I “failed” on the program, I gave up and soothed my bruised ego with frozen coffees from Cafe Du Monde)

But, I watched this video… and I cried… and then I made up mind.  I will not give up.  I will suffer setbacks. I will fall on my head.  I will get bruises.  I will not give up.

I am currently 289 pounds.  I’ve never been this heavy in my life.  I’ve gone days without looking in the mirror because I absolutely hate what I’ve done to my body.  I’ve avoided most activities that bring me the most joy, like dancing, travelling, networking, flirting, clubbing, etc.  Because I hate what I’ve done to my body.

After watching this video, I realized that I would never be able to change my body – my temple – into a instrument of joy as long as I had that kind of hate in my heart.

In my mind I have this visualization of this healthy, gorgeous brown-skinned fox who does yoga every day, is a super competitive athlete who travels and enjoys just being on this earth.  I am committed to making that visualization a reality of my life.  Join me.  If you’re at that point in your life or you desire to be there, join me in this journey of health, wellness and love.

And remember,

never, ever give up…

Southern Girl


Since watching this video, I’ve started practicing yoga using this video, have faithfully attended three weeks of Weight Watchers meetings, tracked my points EVERY SINGLE DAY, and lost two pounds (that’s a lot, son!  That’s the equivalent of eight sticks of butter) – 26 March 2013


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