Watch Me Lose

Disclaimer Alert – This page was inspired by Jennifer from FatChick2FitChick.  I loved the public, yet safe, accountability system that she setup for herself by posting pictures of her transformation.  I wanted to add that level of love and fearlessness to my own blog as I get started so I will be posting monthly pictures of my progress along with a similar graph to my page.  Thanks Jennifer for being so open and awesome!

Sooo… Welcome to my page!

(You can skip right to the bottom is you’d like to see my current progress)



I am Southern Girl, a young,  hip(?) thirtysomething living in New Orleans.

I have struggled with my weight for just about my whole life.  As a young baby I was cute and chunky.  As a preteen, I was cute, awkward and chunky.  As a teenager I was growing into a beautiful young woman and chunky.  As a college student, I was cute and phat.  As a college student, I was just, well… fat…  Still cute but it became harder for me to believe in that vision/version of myself so all I could see was that fat.

In most areas of my life (all except three: health, wealth and spirit), I was fiercely aggressive around accomplishing goals and dreams.  I put myself through college (with the love and help of loved ones), got the job of my dreams (became a SpEd teacher), got accepted to the program of my dreams (New Leaders Cohort 8, boo-boo!), and became a Lower Grade School Leader.  I began living my dream of travelling the world (so far I’ve been all over the US, The Gambia for six weeks and France for seven weeks, with a sprinkling of Mexico for good measure).  Got the dog of my dreams.. I heart Boston! and so much more…

I have not accomplished my goal of managing my greatest asset – my health or my spirit or my wealth.  I didn’t aggressively pursue the loving of me.  Like many others, I’ve experienced some serious childhood trauma but haven’t been able to recover fully from it.  But, I’m kinda over that because lack of loving me is getting in the way of me living my life.

So… I’m deciding to change this.  And my progress is document here.  Be blessed!



Month One:

The Beginning – A Little Bit Each Day


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