When I was in college I was a huge fan of visualization.  I believed that if I visualized myself accomplishing a task I would get it. When I moved to Detroit following college with one of my best friends, I created a wish list that came to 90% fruition. Amongst these goals was my desire to travel to Africa.  Now, this may seem like such a small dream but at the time, I had just moved to Africa with nothing more than my 1989 Honda (this was in 2003) with an asthma problem, two plastic containers full of clothes, and a $200.00 to make it across the country. Needless to say, I was a bit crazy in my youth… crazy but fearless!

Anyway, when I made this list the ability for me to actually get to Africa could be, at best, defined as a pipedream. Most would call it a baseless delusion.  Whatever… po-tay-toe/pa-tah-toe?  My list was written in September of 2003.  By July of 2004 I was on a plane headed to The Gambia for six weeks.  From that point on, I knew there was power in truly believing in a dream and it started with visualization and then writing it down.  Once that was done, you must work to pursue each goal/dream to make sure it becomes a reality.

In the spirit of my fearless youth, I put together a list of the things that I would like to accomplish within the next five years.

  • Train for and run a 5K.  Particularly this 5k – http://thecolorrun.com/ 
  • Completed the NOLA Zombie Run 5K (walked/ran first 3K, ran w/o stopping last 2K) Sept 2013
  • Become a healthy and athletic size 14 – Reward:  Baja Surf Camp 😀 – see below!!!!
  • Become a healthy size 8 – Reward:  Three week European Vacay 😀 – see below!!!!
  • Attend surf camp and successfully learn to ride a wave –
  • Travel to Italy and Southern France for a three week vacation
  • Travel to Bora Bora and relax in a beachfront cabana
  • Travel to Madrid and participate in Pueblo Ingles program
  • Visit Alaska
  • Go skiing
  • Write and publish a loving foods cookbook with professional style pictures that I take!
  • Read and complete all assignments from the book Plate to Pixel
  • Be consumer debt free by December 31, 2013
  • Be student loan free by December 31, 2014
  • Build a nest egg of 25% of my yearly salary by May 2015
  • Build an emergency saving plan that includes six months living expenses by May 2014 (not including nest egg)
  • Identify and develop a hardskill that can be used to increase side “hustle” income
  • Develop a monthly budget and stick to it for three weeks straight!
  • Successfully complete the NACA program
  • Grow an herb garden and use harvest for cooking
  • Grow an outdoor herb garden with some serious veggie action happening
  • Successfully complete a cardio regimen for 30 minutes each day/five times per week
  • Successfully complete a strength training regimen three times per week for 30-40minutes
  • Learn yoga and pilates
  • Write and publish an adult leadership book for school leaders
  • Participate in the November Fiction Writers challenge and publish a fiction book
  • Build two farmhouse beds for the guest room
  • Grow a full set of lashes – damn you, trichotillomania!!!
  • Grow a beautiful and healthy afro – see above comment re: trichotillomania
  • Learn to love vegetables and eat some every single day
  • Kick my addiction to sugar
  • Meditate daily for 30 minutes
  • Teach Boss how to put away his toys
  • Train Boss for competitions

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