Getting My Glam On!

I am over-the-moon excited! My bedroom sanctuary is finally coming together. I was able to find the perfect bedspread to replace my Nicole Miller Peacock bedspread. It’s the beautiful, watercolor comforter below. It’s so peaceful to walk into my bedroom and see the colors splashed across my cool blue, serene room.

Nicole Miller

My next goal was to create a beautiful makeup vanity area where I could sit and peacefully apply my makeup. I had part of my setup established when I found a beautiful mirror from Pier One on clearance. I had been eyeing this mirror for over a year but with a pricetag close to $200 I knew it was not in the stars for me. Imagine my surprise when I was able to score this beauty for only $60 on clearance!

Pier 1 mirror

As soon I as I got my new mirror home, I immediately set up my glam space. Since I do not currently own a vanity, I used a sketchy old folding table and covered it with a white tablecloth and my room was instantly upgraded to swaged out. I was on the hunt for a vanity and had my heart set on the Malm Dressing Table by Ikea because of its clean lines and glass top. Once I got to the Ikea, however, I knew that I was not interested in forking over more than $180 on a pressboard vanity that would probably not make it through the year.

Since I believe the Universe provides what you intentionally set your mind on, I begin to set out to find a beautiful mirrored desk. Could you actually imagine my surprise when I learned that Walmart sold mirrored desks that were highly rated! While there, I noticed was selling a mirrored table for $40 less than Walmart and included free shipping so I immediately pointed my computer mouse to the site. On the front page was this gem!



OMG!  The mirrored furniture was on sale!!!  Long story short, I was able to get a beautiful, wood mirrored table with faux crystal knobs for $177.


 I have not been able to find a table of this size, quality and price for the two years that I’ve been searching this vanity.  The vanity is about the same price I was planning to spend at Ikea but it is made of a much more high quality wood, is built to last, and looks amazingly beautiful.  It’s highly rated and I can’t wait to put my space together.  I will certainly keep you posted on the development of my girly, glam bedroom.


southern girl





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